Erik Sikkema

World Class Pipe-organ Recordings - Ultra Linear Stereo Image



DPA 4003, 4006, 4011, 4016.
Neumann large membrane and AKG stereo- and klein-mikrofons.

Microphone preamps and mixers:

Lake People V25, C360
Sound Devices Mix-Pre 10M and MP-1 battery powered mike-pre's.
Audio Developments AD146 and AD148
Weiss IBIS digital console


Lake People EMADV25 mike-pre and AD
Audio & Design mike-pre and AD
Korg Octa-Capture mike-pre and AD usb 


Genex 8500
Studer A812


Protools and Sonic Soundblade

Monitoring (Listening loudspeakers) 

Spendor SA500, SA200, SA350 and QT100.

Tripods and stands:

Up to 15 meters stable, (Neumann-Danner- chromium steel) and proprietary alu with no swinging after re-adjustment of height and position. 
(I do not use Manfrotto, because these stands are not stable, (minutes long waiting for after swinging) and are resonant because of hollow pipes and light weight.)