Erik Sikkema

World Class Pipe-organ Recordings - Ultra Linear Stereo Image


ULSI stands for Ultra Linear Stereo Imaging ULSI is a new stereo technique invented and developed by Erik Sikkema and propriety to Erik Sikkema Studio, but available to any label or enduser. The technique is mainly invented to overcome the general problems of colouration connected to most common stereo techniques. It has proven to be an important asset in creating trustworthy documentation recordings which can be used as references esp. in the field of organ restoration. The effect is not only stunning with organ recordings but also on a much wider spectrum of instruments and combinations. 

Advantages of ULSI in comparison to standard stereo techniques are:

1. More natural sound balance in the lower octaves and a more precise stereo image.

2. Less low frequency disturbance from harpsichord-, piano- and organ keyboard and pedal actions.

3. A more natural dynamic behaviour.

4. Singers and instrumentalists blend better together, which improves the stereo depth enormously.

5. No hearing fatique, no pressure on the ears.

6. Listening with headphones, gives a very pleasant sound, very similar to Dummy Head stereo recordings.

7. Enjoyable also on very low listening levels of your amplifier at home.

8. Sounds also very convincing on simple and cheap equipment.


Its claims are true, there is a very much more precise and solid stereo image and an easy effortlessness to the sound, it becomes even more of a joy listening to sounds of this wonderful organ.

Adrian Richards, The Organ Magazine


ULSI Testimonials

Read what others say about ULSI:

...The ULSI technique is nothing short of sensational! Keep up the great work.

grieve-smith, USA

Its claims are true, there is a very much more precise and solid stereo image and an easy effortlessness to the sound, it becomes even more of a joy listening to sounds of this wonderful organ.

Adrian Richards, The Organ Magazine

"Use of the ULSI recording technique as mastered by its inventor, Erik Sikkema, heightens the overall effect of the organ’s color, tuning, and presence in the reverberant room".

AGO Magazine, The American Organist

Using a variety of headphones I found that the clarity of the organ remains exceptional throughout; with every detail recovered, the bass is always distinct and allows the recorded music both breath and depth, filtering and shaping the overall performance of the music into sheer aural delight.

David Alker, The Organ Magazine

... I am impressed by the good and living quality of the sound. I think your idea is useful and maybe there might come an
opportunity for me to ask you to record some free improvisations...

Harald Stenström

...Over je opname zeg ik maar niet te veel, dat grenst aan het ongelofelijke...

Henk van Eeken, organbuilder, The Netherlands.

... I especially LIKE the newest recording at Örgryte using your new technique - it sounds really fabulous on my simple system here at home...

John Brombaugh, organbuilder, USA

Nog nooit hoorde ik een klankdrager waarbij opgenomen orgelklank zo transparant en uitgebalanceerd uit de speakers komt. Het is verrassend te ervaren dat je niet naar ‘orgelklank’ luistert, maar naar een echt orgel, dat ook nog eens werkelijk ruimtelijk is opgenomen. In de solistische registraties hoor je waar het geluid vandaan komt; je ervaart behalve dynamisch ook ruimtelijk verschil tussen pedaal, rug-, hoofd-, borst- en bovenwerk. De 16-voets baslijnen klinken volstrekt natuurlijk en de soms op papier bizarre Noord-Duitse registraties klinken hier als een klok.

Peter Ouwerkerk, The Netherlands

Ik heb nu 1 cd beluisterd. Ik sta paf! Een uitgebreidere uitleg volgt nog, maar wat ik tot nu toe heb gehoord is 'fabelhaft'. Ga je de opnames van Jacques van Oortmerssen ook met deze techniek opnemen? Dat zal wat teweeg brengen in orgelland ..............

Johan van Markesteijn, The Netherlands

Many compliments for the superb jazz recording you made at Artisten,
Göteborg. The 'picture' is clearer than I know of any other jazz-cd
(and I a have a lot of them). I think you're the best and most
musical engineer in this field. Congratulations on this next step in the development of your ULSI-technique!

Hans Fidom, The Netherlands

Jag tycker att trumsoundet är kanon. Intressant med tanke på att teknikern knappast hade spelat in trummor innan.
Raymond Karlsson, Sweden

Inmiddels heb ik je opname diverse malen beluisterd, op koptelefoon zowel als op mijn Genelecjes. Op dit moment draait-ie ook weer. Om snel samen te vatten: ik ben zwaar onder de indruk. Ik denk niet dat ik andere jazz-opnames ken die zo ongelooflijk mooi van instrumentale definitie zijn, en van laat ik het maar noemen “oplossend vermogen”, ik bedoel de separatie van de verschillende instrumentale spectra. Oftewel: de superrijke definitie van het ene instrument gaat nooit ten koste van het andere.

Bob Zimmerman, The Netherlands

Vandaag kreeg ik de cd, ik ben zeer onder de indruk van de opname.
Glashelder, je hebt een frontrow seat en alles is op een ''natuurlijke '' manier te horen.
Het zou fantastisch zijn ook hedendaagse muziek zo op cd te hebben.
Mijn complimenten en hartelijk dank, veel succes met je werk!,
Roderik de Man, The Netherlands link to website

Erg mooi.... ''bijna te mooi om waar te zijn''; echt het klinkt geweldig. Zeker de pedaal en bas registers. Zo'n geweldige klank van de 32 voet! Mijn complimenten. Deze opnametechniek is fantstisch.

Léon Berben, The Netherlands

The new Weckman CD is a fantastic CD and an absolutely stunning recording. While the result is of course a synthesis of a wonderful instrument, an appropriate repertoire, a thoroughly competent musician and this new recording technique, for me the most remarkable feature is the breath-taking quality of the recording. Those other elements are occasionally - albeit rarely - found on other CD's, but this recording is unique in the fantastic quality of the sound. I react to the sound precisely as I would in the church: I find myself compelled to listen in wonder - in wonder! Bravo, Erik!

Karl Nelson Orgelbyggeri AB, Sweden.

...I have one of the largest collections of organ records in this country. So I think I have good references to go back to when listening to the Weckman CD:s. I will write you a review later, but I can already, from just 15 minutes of listening, tell you that I think that this records are in absolute top-class when it comes to sound!!! I am impressed!

Jack Winberg, Sweden

...I have listened to the Weckman CD and I am really very impressed by the clarity of the sound; I can't recall having heard anything quite like it before. Even on my not quite up-to-date equipment, the distinctive qualities are palpable. It seems to me that this is an important step towards overcoming the special problems inherent in recording organ music. ...

Sverker Jullander,
GOArt Göteborg

Dear Erik! First of all: Congratulations to the great success! I am now completely convinced that this is the right way to go.

Johannes Landgren, Göteborg, Sweden.

...en klangbildsom både är illusorisk, exakt och skön att lyssna till. I inspelningen av Örgryteorgeln är "motsättningen" mellan närklang och rumsklang upphävd, man hör organistens spel i detalj men också hur orgelklangen utvecklas i rummet. ...

Hans Hellsten, KMT

...en barockorgel som låter som en dröm och en ljudbild som jag bara tidigare har hört på några av GoArts tidigare skivor. Ljudteknikern Erik Sikkema har här gjort något alldeles otroligt för att få orgeln och kören i en rymdupplevelse som jag gärna skulle vilja få översatt till andra medier med rymdupplevelse, exempelvis en barockorkester, en symfoniorkester eller varför inte en opera?...

Peter van Tour, Tidig Musik

...Using his proprietary ULSI technique, Erik Sikkema has recorded Prof. Davidsson in a truly spectacular demo CD of just what the organ can do. This is not SACD or DVD-A, folks; just some refinement of garden-variety CD. And it's such an improvement it caused me to delay this review. I had to re-position my front speakers and re-jigger the resistance in my passive preamp/volume control. You listen and listen. And then you listen again.

Was it worth it? And how! Sikkema has produced a recording with more 'there' there, to paraphrase Gertrude Stein. If you want to enjoy as never before the unique sound of 17th century Hanseatic organ music or simply want to rattle your subwoofers and break your lease, look no further than this groundbreaking demo.

W.A. Grieve-Smith, La Folia on line review magazine, for the whole review:

...Even on my € 30 speakers, I can hear the quality of the recording - which is essential to hearing the quality of the performance, in such wonderfully complex textures. In short, I'm delighted!

Dale Carr, Groningen, The Netherlands.

...I am impressed with your recording technique.

Many greetings
Hans Hellsten, Sweden.


I received my copy yesterday and listened to CD number 1 last evening. In all honesty, this is the finest recording of any pipe organ that I have EVER heard. There is an incredible sense of dimension. It's uncanny. I could visualize the organ in the room and pick out the position of the individual pipes within the organ. I am impressed. The bass is clean and dead on. The reeds are spectacular.

This CD was my first encounter with Weckman. Why we have not heard more from him in the past is beyond me. I'm looking forward to hearing the other 2 CDs.

Erik, you truly are THE master of your art. Congratulations.

Brad Starcevich, USA. link to website

...Your recording is so clear and clean it was like hearing a photograph. The imaging was great. I don't recall anything bouncing between mikes nor were the sounds really pulled to the left or right as often happens if the technique isn't used correctly. Again, I think this recording is excellent. I was amazed by its clarity, dynamics and overall beautiful sound.

Barry Hufker, Associate. Prof. in Audioproduction, Webster University, St Louis.

Dear Erik Sikkema,

it took some time, but meanwhile I got your new Weckmann recording with Hans Davidsson and I find it really stunning. I'd describe it as very crisp and powerful at the same time (I have some difficulties with the appropriate english adjectives, in German I woud say: "sauber" and "druckvoll" - two aspects wich often exclude each other).

What especially caught my ear ist the extremely exact yet natural separation between direct and reflected sound - or, in terms of the result, between the instrument and the room where it is situated. May be the best organ recording I know (including LPs - what a pity it is not available in Vinyl ;-)

So thank you for this marvellous recording and all the best for you!
Heino Schmull, Tübingen, Germany

Cher Monsieur,

De retour de 3 semaines au Japon, j'ai trouvé votre CD, et je vous remercie beaucoup. J'ai écouté. Je trouve ce CD absolument magnifique, _ tous points de vue: qualité de l'organiste, de l'orgue, et de la prise de son fantastique. Je vous félicite absolument...

Bien amicalement
Michel Bouvard, Toulouse, France

Det var en helt enastående CD! Vilket ljud! Jag förstår verkligen fördelarna med den nya tekniken. Det var ett enastående "djup" i inspelningen tyckte jag och de svaga partierna var mycket tydliga. Jag vill dessutom gärna höra mer av ULSI-tekniken! Det vore verkligen roligt om vår Setterquistorgel här i Kyrkhult kunde spelas in med ULSI-tekniken!

Pär Ola Lindström, Kyrkhult